Less is more for 2015-16 seg. fees: Union restoration and Bublr bikes budgeted for

The Student Association’s Senate Finance Committee passed the 2015-16 segregated fees budget, which plans for new initiatives throughout campus such as Union restoration and Bublr bike stations. Each student will pay $668.60 in segregated fees for each semester in the 2015-16 school year, which about $20 more than the current school year’s. The committee originally […]

UWM Bookstore to go digital

The UWM Bookstore will soon stop selling books in-store and transform into an online retailer. This transition is expected to be finished between October and December of this year. The change is taking place in hopes to better compete with online retailers such as Amazon and Chegg, which have taken a large percentage of many […]

UW-System President talks money with joint finance committee

The Wisconsin Joint finance committee met Tuesday March, 3, with UW-System President Ray Cross to discuss the proposed implementation of a Public Authority, and the $300 million dollar cut within the governor’s proposed budget. During the hearing, President Cross said the amount of savings that may be generated through the installation of a public authority is […]

“Whats disgusting? Union busting!” Progressive Students of Milwaukee hold rally against ‘right to work’ legislation

The Progressive Students of Milwaukee held a rally in Spaights Plaza today in protest of the recently approved Right to Work Law. The rally featured speeches from many students, teamsters and union organizers within the Milwaukee area and UWM campus.  The students then marched through campus carrying signs and banners. Many members from Milwaukee’s local […]

UWM Student Association suit makes it to federal court

A civil rights class action lawsuit against the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is now headed to federal court. M. Samir Siddique and nearly four-dozen other students from the now dissolved UWM Student Association, allege that the administration illegally disregarded 2013-’14 Student Association election results, along with 19 other causes of action. In response to the 2013-’14 […]

Fireside Forum explores the future of international reporting

Student journalists are all too familiar with the challenges they’ll face upon leaving college and entering the profession. But for those pursuing careers as foreign correspondents, the future presents even more hurdles. “[It’s] a time when many news outlets have abandoned international coverage — and when those who haven’t increasingly depend on freelancers who hustle […]

SA approves resolution against state budget cuts

Yet another voice — that of UW-Milwaukee student government — has joined the chaotic chorus surrounding Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget. The Student Association at UWM (SA) recently revealed its stance against Walker’s potential 2015-2017 budget. On Tuesday, SA President Ryan Sorenson approved a resolution that officially states the UWM student body’s disapproval of the […]

“Young, Frustrated, and Mad: Global Youth Unemployment and Unrest,” a UWM fireside forum

During Tuesday’s fireside forum titled “Young, Frustrated, and Mad: Global Youth Unemployment and Unrest”, two guest speakers discussed issues regarding youth unemployment and its effects on modern society. James Causey, a columnist from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Nicole Goldin, owner of the D.C based consulting firm NRG Advisory joined Doug Savage, the producer of UWM’s […]

Military and Veterans Resource Center gets renovations

The Military and Veterans Resource Center (MAVRC) recently renovated its space on the first floor of the union. The center’s space was expanded to accommodate the growing number of students that are using the resources they provide. “Visitors began sitting on the floor or leaving altogether because there wasn’t enough space,” said Michael Kirchner, Director […]