Two UWM students arrested for Sandburg thefts, possession of stolen gun

Updated February 25, 2014

Three suspects have been formally charged in connection with the series of burglaries in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Sandburg Residence Hall on February 16.

Andre Dallas, a 19-year-old UWM Sandburg South resident and UWM student, Rendell Giles, also a UWM student, and Michael Scott, a 17-year-old non UWM student are all facing four counts of burglary and one count of conspiracy to commit burglary.

Dallas, Giles and Scott went through out-of-custody intake court in Milwaukee on Tuesday, February 25 and a preliminary hearing is set for March 5.







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Published February 17, 2014

Photos courtesy of Hunter Hanthorn

The UW-Milwaukee Police Department has arrested three suspects aged 17, 18 and 19 in connection with 15 burglaries in the Sandburg Residence Hall as well as possession of a stolen firearm.

Around 3 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 16 a student returned to his dorm on the third floor of the South Tower Sandburg residence hall and found electronics not belonging to him piled on his bed. The student first alerted his suitemate, and together they looked through the items to determine if any were theirs. The students discovered a gun among the electronics and immediately notified Sandburg security.

According to UW-Milwaukee’s Assistant Chief of Police Gregory Habeck, officers responded to the scene where they found what appeared to be various stolen items, including the handgun, purses, wallets and electronics.

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The officers learned the name of the resident residing in the dorm room and were informed that the student in question was now in the North Tower of Sandburg. When it was determined the suspects were still in the building, officers posted at exits to apprehend them should they try to exit the facility, Habeck explained.

Officers located the 19-year-old Sandburg South Tower resident and two other males, aged 18 and 17, leaving a resident’s room on the 14th floor of the North Tower.

Freshman Mauri Dismukes from an adjacent room was awakened from the commotion outside. He opened the door to find the UWMPD armed and arresting the three suspects.

“When I saw the guns, I knew it was serious,” he said.

All three suspects were arrested for burglary and were discovered to have stolen property on their person.

Along with the 19-year-old resident, the 18-year-old was identified as a UWM student while the 17-year-old was confirmed as a non-student and guest of the student suspect.

Freshman Tony Moniuszko was not surprised by the arrest of the 19-year-old, his suitemate.

“He’s always been a little suspicious,” Moniuszko said.

Possible charges may include criminal charges, non-academic misconduct charges through the Dean of Students office, suspension from school and/or termination of the students’ housing contract.

UWM Police are investigating 15 cases of burglary over the past weekend where the suspects entered unlocked, unattended residence rooms and removed valuables from within. The investigation remains ongoing.

In light of the weekend thefts, students have expressed disappointment in the lack of communication from University Housing.

Other than letters posted throughout Sandburg Hall encouraging students to check their belongings and report any missing items, there have been no notifications alerting students of the events.

Sophomore Jeremy Neerhof lives above the floor where the arrests took place.

“I didn’t even know about it [the arrests] until my mom called me and told me on Sunday night,” he said.

UWM Police encourage residents to lock their doors when away from their rooms and not to leave backpacks and electronics unattended when out on campus.

“Even if gone for a few minutes and especially while sleeping,” Habeck said. “Report suspicious activity to resident assistants or university police.  Keep valuables locked in rooms if guests are over.”

The firearm discovered was confirmed as stolen after officers checked the serial number against the National Crime Information Center that provides a listing of stolen items. Milwaukee Police were notified of the recovered stolen firearm and will follow-up with that portion of the investigation.

It is the practice of the UWMPD to not release the names of suspects until formally charged with a crime. UWM Police are referring the suspects to the District Attorney’s Office this week to request the charge of burglary.